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Teaching HPC

Gillian Law looks at the complexities of teaching High Performance Computing, and at what needs to be taught to students throughout their computer science education.



Industry Interview: Dr Chris Jones, BAE Systems

Dr Chris Jones is a Technologist Consultant at BAE Systems specialising in lightning, electromagnetic pulses (EMP) and computational electromagnetics (CEM). All of these are critical to the design of modern aircraft, particularly where new, poorly-electrically conducting materials are being used more and more.




A Brief Future of Computing

Dr Francis Wray looks back over the history of HPC and gives his insight into what can be said about systems in the future.



Strategy for Research and Innovation through HPC

PlanetHPC has published a report titled "A Strategy for Research and Innovation through High Performance Computing". The report has been compiled following consultation with HPC users, developers and service providers from industry and academia.

Download the report, and comment on its content


Multicore Challenges

Technical writer Gillian Law of Tech Literate talks to industry experts on the challenges presented by multicore technology.



Cloud Computing and HPC - 2

There will always be a need for dedicated high performance computing facilities, no matter how ‘HPC-like’ the offerings developed by cloud providers, and no matter how many researchers start to move cloud-ward. That’s the view of researchers who spoke to Gillian Law, of Tech Literate who writes the second of two articles on Cloud computing for PlanetHPC



HPC: A Key Technology for Europe

PlanetHPC has published a paper, "High Performance Computing: A Key Technology for Europe".

Download the paper

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